Friday, May 8, 2009

District 9 Official Teaser Trailer

Here is the official Teaser Trailer for District 9. Looks quite impressive:

Sunday, August 3, 2008

DIstrict 9 Viral Campaign Analysis Video

Introducing my first analysis video for District 9:

Saturday, August 2, 2008

MNU Spreads Lies

You may have seen some information regarding this site on It is another viral site that shows its support for the non-human side of things. It appears that is ran by a non-human "Poleepkwa" going by the name of George. His actions on forming an anti-MNU website seem to be quite an interesting read as we can dive into the conscience and understanding of the non-humans a little more.

Looking through several of the posts, the non-humans seem to have a very human-like personality as well as similar morals in effect. The website contains a wide variety of posts, but I definitely recommend reading each one as it gives fascinating insight into the aliens a little more than what has been seen through "Alive in Joburg."

What is an added bonus on this particular District 9 viral site is their effective video viral marketing involving a staged protest to help promote District 9 a step further. So far I greatly applaude this viral that Peter Jackson and Neill Blomkamp are putting together. Here is the video below:

Check the site out for yourself at

Friday, August 1, 2008

The Aliens of District 9

What are the Aliens in District 9?

If we follow the film short, "Alive in Joburg," Neill Blomkamp gives these aliens or "non-humans" or the "Poleepkwa" as they are called in the short, the look of squid-like humanoid beings that appear to be living in a form of poverty within South Africa.

One unique thing about these aliens is that their eyes are constantly pixelated out, or the aliens need to be wearing sunglasses or some sort of cover to prevent humans from looking into their eyes.

Again, following the continuity of Alive in Joburg, these aliens were captured and have absolutely nothing. It is as if they are abandoned with nothing to show themselves but to live amongst humans in extreme forms of poverty. They are known to commit several crimes such as theft, rape and murder. Their unique bio-suits are able to give them abilities that allow them to telekinetically lift heavy objects such as vehicles like the first Poleepkwa did near the beginning of the film. They attempt to suck out water and power from energy producing facilities through large hoses attached to their delapidated, orbiting ships.

This kind of gives us a perspective view of what we might be able to expect in "District 9." The Poleepkwa probably drive humanity to the breaking point and a war may erupt between the two species. There may be times where we see as if things may be working out between the two species, but I believe something snaps and a massive conflict arises.

By visiting D-9 as a non-human, you can see how the Poleepkwa are treated: Not to make eye contact with humans, give up seats for humans on public transportation, creative expressions must be kept private or they'll get destroyed, chanting or singing by Poleepkwa is to be kept only in indoors through non-human zones within District 9, bathing must only occur in housing, and the list goes on.

This may drive the aliens to a breaking point to start a rebellion. It's hard to say what we can expect from this species as we only know so little about them from the Neill Blomkamp film short. Nonetheless, they will be an intriguing species to keep an eye on through the District 9 movie.

Monday, July 28, 2008

What is D-9?

What is with the D-9 abbreviation?

D-9 is the abbreviation for District 9. A new film being produced by Peter Jackson and Directed by Neill Blomkamp: Creator of the popular live action Halo shorts you can find on YouTube and various other video sites around the net.

When did D-9 first appear?

These strange looking posters of what appears to be some sort of alien on them appeared all over Comic Con 2008 at the San Diego convention center.

Posters containing this creature were placed everywhere. Not much information was given regarding D-9. Just their official website that appeared at the bottom of the poster,

What is D-9 all about?

There's no definite answer on that yet. All that is known is that is beginning a viral campaign similar to Cloverfield with their main viral site,

There's speculation that District 9 is going to be based off a short independent movie that Neill Blomkamp did back in 2005 called "Alive in Joburg." It was a fictional documentary movie where an alien species have populated a South African shanty town, living an even more outcast life than the villagers themselves. A new kind of apartheid develops between locals and aliens. You can view the video on YouTube below:

What is all about?

It appears as it is an interactive news site for both "Humans" and "Non-Humans." It is is a very large site that gives you the choice to see through the perspective of humans and non-humans. Satelite images of territories between humans and non-humans are shown as well as point areas of news that show captions for humans, and audio for non-humans.

What is very interesting about this viral website is its amount of detail that is put into it. We see such areas as a jobs page, advertisements, detailed news information and so much more.

This is truly a remarkable new movie viral we are seeing and I will keep updated information on as it appears. Look for my first analysis video on District 9 coming very soon.

Until next time fellow humans and non-humans!